Brand Story

Flame is a brand of handmade wooden products that are nostalgic to my upbringing. I was always fascinated by how much could be created with wood. The way it felt, the smell and the different wood grain patterns in it was just intriguing to me. In my home country of Zimbabwe, we used wood for everything and anything we could as our way of life and a part of us culturally. Since ancient times, trees have always been a symbol of life, rebirth, newness, time, seasons and beauty. We cooked with it, carved beautiful designer furniture, made garden tools, timber, carts for transportation, wall art, dishes/ bowls, cutlery- you name it. I knew I wanted to create something special and invoke that same feeling in you through our products. My hope is that you can touch, feel, smell and imagine my childhood in all our products. Introducing to you our beautifully designed, colorful, luxury, wooden and uniquely handcrafted watches in limited edition.